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Book: A Physiotherapist's Guide to Understanding and Managing ME/CFS, (Physios for ME)

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Sly Saint, Mar 1, 2023.

  1. Sly Saint

    Sly Saint Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    On sale
    21st August 2023

    Price: £26.99
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  2. Peter Trewhitt

    Peter Trewhitt Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Great to see Physios4ME have achieved so much in such a relatively short period of time.
  3. Trish

    Trish Moderator Staff Member

    My copy of the book arrived today. It looks very professionally produced and is over 300 pages. Clearly intended as a textbook for professionals, not a simple guide for patients. It's heavy and the print is quite small, so it will take me ages to read it in small stages. I probably should have bought the ereader version.
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  4. Andy

    Andy Committee Member

    Hampshire, UK
  5. bobbler

    bobbler Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    good video. Interesting (and heartening) to hear that the publishers approached them given all the Fiona Fox stuff etc published over the years you could be kidded for thinking the demand was ideology-based nonsense.

    Their last message about how it is important for physios doing any type of physio - but will come across ME patients for whom they will need to adjust what they do - and not about 'physio'ing' ME to get it better' specifically is also one to really get out there. We've been cast off as some niche bunch of loons 'to be dealt with' it often feels as far as certain quarters try and instigate so nice to have some common sense focus on 'it's PEM not fatigue' and that we aren't untouchables.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2023
  6. Medfeb

    Medfeb Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    For those in the US, its also available on Amazon - link

    I'm still reading but so far, it's exceeding my expectations in terms of its breadth and its targeted advice for PTs

    Edited to fix the link
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  7. PhysiosforME

    PhysiosforME Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Thank you so much for this feedback!
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  8. Hutan

    Hutan Moderator Staff Member

    Aotearoa New Zealand
    Here's a review from the sales website:
    And a review on amazon:
    It's sounding like this is a major achievement that I had missed until now. @PhysiosforME have a great track record.

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