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Considering posting a study here? Here's the best way to do it

Discussion in 'PsychoSocial ME/CFS Research' started by Science For ME, Mar 6, 2021.

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  1. Science For ME

    Science For ME Forum Announcements

    If you're thinking of posting in this forum, here are some guidelines. Following these can help people find the thread, avoid duplicate threads, and quickly get key information.

    1. This forum is just for research papers and similar documents such as thesis pdfs.

    2. The title format is

    Study title, year, first author - Add an 'et al' if there is more than one author.
    Example: Predicting personality traits from resting-state fMRI, 2017, Dubois et al

    Where the thread title would exceed the character limit, you can shorten it, retaining key words and using abbreviations and acronyms (e.g. ME/CFS). Use '...' to indicate missing words. Add more authors if you want to highlight a particular author who isn't the first author.

    Where a title is not self explanatory, add a short comment after the title, year and author, for example you might add [research includes ME/CFS]. Please do not add a personal opinion about the paper to the title, for example do not add 'more BPS rubbish' to the title.

    3. The first post is reserved for key information about the paper:
    Full title of the paper
    Authors' names
    Abstract in full
    Link to the paper, and where relevant to the pdf or sci-hub link.
    Don't include the abstract in a quote box, as it makes it harder for people to quote the abstract in discussion. Brief notes explaining the research such as 'In mice', 'Proposes a hypothesis', 'from XXX University' can be added, but if you want to make some commentary on the paper, do this in a subsequent post.

    4. Add tags - identify some key words and add those as tags on the left, just under the title.

    Thanks for posting! If you aren't sure about anything, contact the moderators.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 6, 2021
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