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Kale is not a cure—Kale ‘miracle food’ paper retracted for being ‘word salad’

Discussion in 'Other health news and research' started by Jaybee00, May 18, 2022.

  1. Jaybee00

    Jaybee00 Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Not related to MECFS, but a comment on the deplorable state of “peer-reviewed” journals.


    “Kale is a vegetable patch that has biotic, healthful, and nutritional worth. Because of large use in duke’s land, a huge number of confined inhabitants are conventionally plowed. Five gathering leaves are illustrative on five specimens of the plant of each specimen. The dry matter substances such as cinder, fat, glucose, and starch are resolved using a logical process.. Statistical investigation of figures shows that there are important dissimilarities in many investigated features between impregnated generations in contrast to natural residents. The outcome surely donates to a superior understanding of the healthful belongings of our endemic sort of vegetables (Ebert, 2014).”
  2. Trish

    Trish Moderator Staff Member

    That excerpt is hilariously ridiculous and so clearly word salad that surely someone should have spotted it. What on earth were the journal editors consuming at the time they passed it? Surely not kale.
  3. shak8

    shak8 Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Unique form of English used. Not even an attempt at translation. Hilarious!

    To add though, I'm being chauvinistic. When researchers in other parts of the world are forced or encouraged to publish scientific research in English and they haven't had the educational opportunity of studying English rigorously since elementary school (such as in Scandinavian countries) who I am to judge their attempts?
    Last edited: May 18, 2022
  4. CRG

    CRG Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    "The above article, published online on 5 November2021 in EarlyView section on Wiley Online Library (https://doi.org/10.1002/fsn3.2476), has been retracted by agreement between the authors, the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Y. Martin Lo, and Wiley Periodicals, LLC. The retraction has been agreed as the editorial office found unambiguous evidence that the manuscript was accepted solely based on compromised reviewer reports."



    What is "Early View"?


    "Wiley publishes fully peer-reviewed, corrected articles ahead of issue publication, enabling readers to access information faster. This service is known as “Early View” and is offered by many Wiley journals.

    The Early View service presents full-text, peer-reviewed, copy-edited articles as soon as they are complete, before the release of the compiled print issue. Articles are posted following receipt of the authors' corrected proofs. They include all figures and tables and are fully citable. Since Early View articles are fully integrated within the Wiley Online Library platform, they may be retrieved using the search and browse functions, delivered to your desktop via e-mail alerts, and viewed at the journal's home page. Each Early View article carries an online publication date and a DOI for citations.

    Some journals also offer what is referred to as “Accepted Article View,” where articles are published online immediately after acceptance, before copy-editing. Accepted Article and Early View articles are both citable by the DOI as soon as they publish. In addition, you can share a ‘read only’ version of your published article with your colleagues (authenticated Wiley subscribers will get full access).

    My bold^
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  5. Jaybee00

    Jaybee00 Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    “Because of large use in duke’s land”

    Hmmm. I thought that this was British English.
  6. hellytheelephant

    hellytheelephant Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    .This has all the hallmarks of having been dragged through dictionaries from( at least!) 2 countries.

    ..'Healthful belongings...' is a phrase to treasure!:laugh:

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