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Opinion: A message to the NHS: disabled people like having sex, too

Discussion in 'General clinical care' started by Andy, Jan 23, 2023.

  1. Andy

    Andy Committee Member

    Hampshire, UK
    "From the moment I called to make the appointment to the second I left the building, I was reminded, drip by drip, how sexual healthcare in this country is at best unwelcoming to disabled people, and at worst completely inaccessible. I just wanted the usual MOT – which we should all be getting routinely if we are sexually active – but even that proved troublesome.

    When I walked into the clinic for my appointment, I stood in front of a reception desk so high I couldn’t see the three people behind it (and, as I’m 4ft tall, they certainly couldn’t see me). We had a brief and very awkward exchange, before I was ushered into a waiting room where the chairs were too high for me to mount, so I had to stand. I was given a form with tiny printed text that asked me all manner of personal questions, excluding a very important one: whether I had access needs. In fact, at no point, from the initial phone call to the appointment itself, was I asked about my access needs."


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