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Blog series: "Orthodoxy on trial: the pathogenesis of a diagnosis" by David Black

Discussion in 'Psychosomatic news - ME/CFS and Long Covid' started by Andy, Jun 4, 2021.

  1. MSEsperanza

    MSEsperanza Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    betwixt and between
    Haven't read the articles yet but the comments here sound promising, and I agree it would be worthwhile to get the two points found by @Peter Trewhitt corrected.

    Didn't search for an account by the author, but if people would like to share and give feedback on Twitter, here's the journal's tweet of his latest article.

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  2. Peter Trewhitt

    Peter Trewhitt Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    I could not see any contact for the author on the article itself, and I am not on Twitter so I would welcome the two minor errors being pointed out to the author.

    The two articles are very important accounts, especially as they hopefully will reach a wider audience than ME stories usually get to, and it would be a shame if trivial points provides critics with an excuse to devalue them.
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  3. Caroline Struthers

    Caroline Struthers Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Oxford UK
    He is on Twitter but not active https://twitter.com/Black_Scape . I think I tried to contact him either via Twitter or maybe via his work email at scottish legal, but got no response. I may have imagined this...but I do think he should write the screenplay for the Hollywood Blockbuster (or west end play) about this as he is a playwright! https://sceptical.scot/author/david-black/
  4. MSEsperanza

    MSEsperanza Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    betwixt and between
    Did you point him to this thread and Peter Trewhitt's post?

    @Tom Kindlon
    @Keith Geraghty

    (Edited to fix wording and links --- sorry, brain-fogged.)
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  5. Samuel

    Samuel Senior Member (Voting Rights)

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  6. Sean

    Sean Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    A particularly notable piece of evidence that the guilty were warned long ago about the harm they might be doing.

    Coordinated and nasty smear job across the board. From the start.

    Yep. And now the guilty are all up to their necks in that cesspit, as Wessely et al made sure, and none of them can come out of it looking good. BPS psychs, media, government, and insurance industry are locked into a mutual protection racket.
  7. Forbin

    Forbin Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Looking forward to reading this.
  8. Tom Kindlon

    Tom Kindlon Senior Member (Voting Rights)

  9. Suffolkres

    Suffolkres Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    25% Group Helen Brownlie alerted me to this. She may be in contact!
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  10. bobbler

    bobbler Senior Member (Voting Rights)


    I'm definitely being obscure - but not sure how much in suggesting that when reading this idea I thought of the film of Roald Dahl's 'The Witches' film. Mainly it is the idea of them mingling in society then their masks/wig come off and the relief involved in that for them. Not because we are all the rest (that would be a rather different person's version). But hey I guess you could use that concept for either 'side' (?). That's sort of been the beauty of having a most people 'don't see behind closed doors' illness.

    Anyway could make for a fascinating one given the messing with perceptions type angle, I guess there are so many ways to do this one - but maybe that isn't the hard bit?
  11. rvallee

    rvallee Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    I remember that movie, and understand exactly what you mean. It's for effect, of course, but yeah, it kinda applies, at least with some poetic license.

    Even more applicable, we are basically like the kids turned into mice that even the hotel guests try to stomp, unaware of our true nature, but simply because the witches changed the perception other people have and they can't see us as people anymore.

    Honestly this is a perfect metaphor.
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  12. Mithriel

    Mithriel Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    I liked the way it was written. Everything was described the way it actually was from our point of view (the truth!)

    I am used to writings about ME being respectful, in the Parliamentary "My learned colleague is an idiot" sort of way, or falsely even handed so it is seen as a a difference of opinion.

    We are often put on the defensive too so things are written trying to explain why the allegations against us are wrong.

    I get the same feeling seeing ME described like any other illness. It makes me realise how little that is done.
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  13. dave30th

    dave30th Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Yes, he seems to think she was part of the PACE trial.
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