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marketing I like for women's sport - could this sort of thing work for ME?

Discussion in 'Advocacy Projects and Campaigns' started by bobbler, Aug 4, 2022.

  1. bobbler

    bobbler Senior Member (Voting Rights)


    I really like this and thought I would post it so that I didn't forget it and where it was from (an advertising agency called Dark Horses)

    It is about 7 deadly sins in marketing women's sport (including things like treating it like a charity, or 'fun' vs the mens).

    I wondered whether this sort of thing might be useful for the myths and 'where we are now and just how far do we need to go re: misperception and functional support and respect for ME' (or whatever the right aim might be).

    What do people think? Could you see this 'translated' for ME?

    I also think that one year soon - I'd like tropes to be addressed like 'lying in bed all day' for the Millions Missing days. It's the worst one that underlines how our extreme debilitation is seen as something to be judgemental over and hold us responsible for. That is the most common first phrase I still get said to me by so many. People who don't necessarily think they are saying something horrific. Some people might have some people. But for others don't and can't even access services that might be there safely without that.

    I don't know how many as we often don't have voices. Particularly as daily life is harmful in that noone helps us stop things that affect our health as they don't stand up for us, we can't move, we can't change anything without that help. And when we ask what we get told to our faces is horrifying. So we are trapped in a cycle of no help, nothing to survive on and being forced to beg in case we are missing help and getting shouted at, hurt, and people being unkind for it - getting tropes thrown at us telling us we are undeserving and flawed (rewriting the truth there, but only I tell me that anymore). So this matters.

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