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SIGN NOW! Jeremy Corbyn's e-card needs 20 signatures to reach 1,000! INTERNATIONAL SIGNATURES WELCOME!

Discussion in 'Advocacy Action Alerts' started by Sasha, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. MeSci

    MeSci Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Cornwall, UK
    According to the site:

    "Jeremy Corbyn received this card on November 30th.
    Recipient: Jeremy Corbyn
    Delivery: Thu, Nov 30 @ 3pm"

  2. Awol

    Awol Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    @Sasha @MeSci it's been sent via Ian Gibson as he chairs the conference and for a personal touch so I don't know when it will reach JC's inbox.
    I think these cards remain open to accept more signatures so you may see the number change again later.
    Thanks for your support for this everyone on this thread and the support group @Alis :)
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2017
  3. Inara

    Inara Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    That's just great! :angel:
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  4. Little Bluestem

    Little Bluestem Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    As usual, I am behind on reading the forum and just caught up with this. A Big Thanks to everyone who signed the card! :thumbsup:
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