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Impact of myalgic encephalomyelitis on treatment of comorbidities: A lived experience, 2020, Lopez-Majano

Discussion in 'BioMedical ME/CFS Research' started by Andy, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. Andy

    Andy Committee Member & Outreach

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    Hampshire, UK
    Paywall, https://content.iospress.com/articles/work/wor203175
    Sci hub, https://sci-hub.tw/10.3233/WOR-203175
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  2. wigglethemouse

    wigglethemouse Senior Member (Voting Rights)

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    So sad. Both sons came down with ME a year apart at ages 12 and 15. Both severe. The paper written by the mum describes how it has impacted them.

    I hate this disease with a vengeance.
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  3. Perrier

    Perrier Senior Member (Voting Rights)

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    I hate this disease with a vengeance also. Why can't they sort out what is causing the exertion intolerance: that is the key symptom. What is causing this exertion intolerance?? This is a cruel illness, which operates like an abuser; it destroys the lives of the young and talented.

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