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Video: COVID Long Haulers and the Connection to ME/CFS by Dr. Bateman

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Sly Saint, Sep 13, 2021.

  1. Sly Saint

    Sly Saint Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    In August 2021, Dr. Bateman delivered a didactic to Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants where she addressed post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC), Long Haul COVID, ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome), and orthostatic intolerance/dysautonomia.

    In this lecture Dr. Bateman touches on:
    -History of post-viral fatigue syndromes (PVFS) -SARS COV-2
    -Diagnostic criteria of ME/CFS
    -Understanding common comorbid conditions
    -COVID-19 as a post-viral syndrome (impact, prevalence)
    -Two case presentations
    -Assessment and management guidance
    -Patient and provider educational resources

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